Nosco is committed to helping its customers navigate the current and future impact of COVID-19 on printed packaging. That is why we teamed up with members of our senior leadership team to compile the most relevant content pertaining to the current crisis in this educational blog series.

Looking for COVID-19 packaging support? Click here to learn more about The Nosco COVID-19 Rapid Response Program.


Supply Chain Challenges
Insights from Nosco's Chief Financial Officer, Jim Struhar.



The Ease of Virtual eAudits
Insights from Nosco's Director of QA and Nosco 2.0 Business Solutions, Dick Leach.



Health & Safety Practices
Insights from Nosco's Senior VP of Operations, John McKeough.



Using Online Tools
Insights from Nosco's Director of Client Services, Sam Hargis, and Digital Customer Interaction Manager, Rob Davis.


Packaging's Role in Crisis
Insights from Nosco's President, Craig Curran.


Impact on Future Packaging
Insights from Nosco's Director of Marketing, Heather Nimmer.


Time Matters Success Stories
Featuring Insights from Nosco's National Director of Sales, Amy Schmidt



In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Nosco is working around the clock to support various relief efforts, and is currently involved with over 25 COVID-19-related packaging applications at its seven U.S. facilities.

Our employee owners are proud to be a part of the fight against COVID-19, and are committed to giving first priority to printed packaging related to the following life-saving products:

  • COVID-19 Test and Antibody Kits
  • Hospital Syringes
  • Solid Dose Drug Products
  • Respiratory Drugs for Use with Ventilator Therapy
  • Clinical Packaging for Upcoming Vaccines
  • Hand Sanitizers


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