Who We Are


"Every day, we strive to make your packaging successful."

We are a full-service packaging solutions provider serving more than 350 customers in the Healthcare Industry. With more than 85 years of experience, we bring business resources and technical expertise together to understand your packaging challenges so that we can deliver customized solutions. We focus on service to help you improve efficiencies related to supply chain, cycle time, lean initiatives, and product launches.




"We are entirely focused on building trust-based relationships with our customers. Everyone at Nosco seeks to try to understand and exceed the customer’s expectations while continuously improving the customer experience."

Kim Turner - Client Services Manager

Richard Leach - Director, Quality and Nosco 2.0 Business Solutions
James Struhar - Chief Financial Officer
Derek Zelazny - Director, Information Services
Craig Curran - Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing
Russell Haraf - President
Michael Biesboer - Controller
John McKeough - Senior Vice President, Operations
Robert Trumbo - Director, People Operations

(Names listed from left to right.)